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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Opening Pool

Postby the_sass72 » Mon 26 May, 2008 12:24

We have used Drop Out twice and after 3 days still no signs of stuff dropping to the bottom. IT is green, and cloudy

A little history, and I'm seriously hoping someone can provide answers! We don't winterize. I normally dump the pool, clean the sludge, and refill. My pool is normally open almost immediately. However, this year I decided to do it chemically. We went to the pool store and had it tested. Everything was horrible she said.

I know there are leaves in the bottom, however I've leaf raked a ton out. I'm sure there are more down there

Should I go ahead and vacuum to waste? Get the crud out and then of course get my water level back up. Then add x amount of bleach? Will this do the job I'm sick, I've spent almost $250 and I still can't see the bottom..
Here is what I know. My PH level is 7.2. Chlorine was almost non existent (after waiting 3 days of filter off, we had shocked it with 3 pounds of turbo shock). I am thinking first I need to get whatever else is down there out, then add bleach...

I'm a complete dunce as far as conversions so that is why I gave my pool dimensions 34/18. It's a 52 inch side.

Thanks to anyone who can give advice so I can get out ther today and work on it while I am home!

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Postby muss08 » Tue 27 May, 2008 19:34

You first need to get your own test kit. I use the Taylor K 2006 and it is very reliable and accurate. Its tests FC up to 50ppm and tests for pH, TA, CH, and CYA as well. I need to know what your CYA (stabalizer) is so we can get your pool to shock level. Yes, first get all the leaves out of the pool. When you add chlorine it will attack the leaves and sticks when you want it attacking algae and bacteria. So vacuum to waste and get as much out as you can. This is crucial. You then need to bring your FC to shock level but like I said I need to know your CYA and gallonage. Your pool is 34x18. Its 52in deep all around or is there a shallow and deep end? If so I need to know your shallow depth and deep end depth to figure out the gallonage. If it is 52in deep all around then your gallonage is about 18,500. Once you get to shock level you need to maintain the shock level, brush daily and vacuum to waste every few days. Keep the pool at shock level until the pool clears up.
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