air in pool pipes

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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air in pool pipes

Postby nippikid » Sat 06 May, 2006 09:59

Please can somebody help. I have lots of air coming out of the first jet going into my pool. The second jet nearest the skimmer is fine. I can't get the air out of the long cleaning tube or get enough suction to hoover the pool. Does this mean i have a leak somewhere between the skimmer and the pump as the pump with the basket in has water bubbling in it and wont clear.

I have a promblem. There are 2 jets in my inground pool and the furthest jet from the skimmer has lots of air bubbles coming out of it. When we try to get the air out of the vacum pipe there is no pressure for the cleaner to work. Please can you help
Pool Helper

Air in pool suction line

Postby Pool Helper » Sun 07 May, 2006 02:30

Try fill the vacuum hose with water before connecting to the suction line.

If the pump is constantly sucking air then you have a leak somewhere between the skimmer and the pump pot. It may be as simple as a worn o-ring on the pump cover.

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