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liner replacement

Postby Henry » Mon 26 May, 2008 15:45

Does anyone have any comments that would help us decide on changing a j hook liner to an overlap. Was told as long as we purchase the coping for the top we could accomplish this. Only a little hesitant I guess, have had nothing but trouble with this pool. Its 4 years old and every year we take off the cover we are replacing secitons of the j channel. Installer says everything he did was right, we were wondering if something was out of place or if one or more of the blocks under the post have shifted.
Purchased a manual on replacing pool liners, its in spanish, really making my husband mad, then the pool , I think he would rather use it as target practice for next fall. We initally wanted 24 foot pool but the dealer had this "wonderful deal" on this 30 foot. yeah right, its been a headache ever since. Our 3 boys 21, 18, 13 are in in daily with friends and I am looking for a new liner to replace the one that has since developed a huge hole.
Thanks. m henry

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