Pool wall off bottom track holders

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Pool wall off bottom track holders

Postby Birdog » Mon 26 May, 2008 16:35

Above ground pool wall came off the bottom tracks halfway around pool, while trying to install new liner. is there anything that can be put around the bottom to make it hold, if its not going back into the bottom holder tracks?? thank you :x


Postby Guest » Fri 30 May, 2008 07:29

Stop liner instalation and get that wall back in the track and proceed with caution.

My wall jumped the track and I stopped everything to put it back in with 2 other people. I have a feeling that if you don't, it will collapse under the weight of water.

They can be difficult to say the least!
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I'm new here
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Pool wall off bottom track holders

Postby Pools_Is_Cools » Fri 10 Jul, 2009 13:05

I had this same problem, but after the pool was filled. We just got our new pool, and It started lifting out of the tracks on about 4 ft on one side of the pool. What causes this, and can it be fixed, or even swam in safely?

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