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Hayward Sand Filter

Postby pg77778 » Mon 26 May, 2008 17:58

What are the consequences of running a sand filter with only 150lbs of sand instead of the recommended 250lbs (Hayward S22OT)?
We've just found two extra bags of the 5 - 50lb bags that we bought and gave to the installer. It's been running like this for 4 months with no backwashing while we've been away. The eyeglass shows clean water running after we backwashed eventually. Now we've just opened it up and the sand is in solid peices on the bottom of the tank. You can break them apart with your hands and water seams clean. However the laterals in the bottom seem to be clogged up with a little bit of dirt (opened it in very low light so not able to see too much, long story, don't ask) but I'm sure that must be because the sand has solidified. Whould we get new sand and start again or just add the 2 remaining bags and break up the sand chunks on the bottom, put it back together and see what happens?

Any long term effects to the filter? Or just the pool water clarity? Which is murky at best. We also have very low water flow going through the jets.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Postby Guest » Wed 28 May, 2008 21:55

did he use play sand or silica sand? make sure it is silica sand, and clean the latterals with a toothbrush before refilling the tank.

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