buy a navigator or barracuda G4?

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buy a navigator or barracuda G4?

Postby Manon » Sat 06 May, 2006 10:17

Buy a navigator or barracuda G4?

Which is the best to buy for my inground pool (20x40).


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Postby po » Sun 07 May, 2006 02:40

much of a muchness

I'd like to know too

Postby DonC » Mon 09 Jul, 2007 14:49

I'd sure like to hear the answer to your question. I've asked four dealers if the Hayward Navigator goes up the pool walls, and not ONE has answered me.
Lenny cohen


Postby Lenny cohen » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 05:41

I've got an older Navigator that I've replaced the feet on - cork pads, for an inground vinyl liner pool, and it can't make it out of the deep end of the pool, much less clean the walls, I've been thinking about getting Barracuda/Kreepy Krauly type cleaner to replace it, just to get the full bottom coverage. My hose is plenty long, and very flexible, so I don't think the hose is a problem, if I start the Navigator in the shallow end, it will stay there for a while until it hits the slope to the deep end, then it's gone - personally, I'd stay away from the Navigator
Lenny Cohen


Postby Lenny Cohen » Thu 12 Jul, 2007 05:52

Not enough coffee yet - I've got a Pool Vac Ultra - not a Navigator - must have had a major brain fart this morning - sorry for the confusion, my apologies to Hayward

Postby Guest » Fri 28 Sep, 2007 21:08

The navigator does climb walls, if yours do not, you need to check your inlet pressure, its feet, and any obstruction inside the hoses, also a good internal cleaning will free up the gears inside, just remove it from the pool, remove the leading hose and submerge it in vinegar for 30 minutes , rinse it and put it back in the pool. Also if your pool pluming has several return lines with closing valves in them, close all of them except the one where the navigator is connected, it should take off like a bullet and try to get out of the pool, so now we now is a pressure issue, just open the valves slowly until the navigator moves slowly and climbs the walls, this should be the perfect setting for the machine and the other return lines.

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