help with pool water ( cloudy )

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help with pool water ( cloudy )

Postby xyz » Mon 26 May, 2008 19:22

I live in Northern Maine, I just opened my pool, in the ground 20,000 gallon. I have shocked the pool and it has gone from a green swamp to a blue cloudy. My test strip reads hardness is 0, f/c is 0, ph is 7.5, TA is 80 and CYA is 0. Can anyone tell me what to do from here? Thanks so much.

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Postby muss08 » Mon 26 May, 2008 23:17

First you need to get a better test kit than strips. I suggest the Taylor K 2006. It is very accurate and very reliable. You need to get some CYA (cyanuric acid or stabalizer) into the pool. You need to bring your FC level to about 10ppm and keep it there until the water clears. Going from green to blue cloudy means you are on the right track just keep the chlorine up, brush, often and backwash when needed. As soon as it clears you need to get your hardness up to at least 100ppm.
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