Patio Umbrella fell in pool. Fearing the worst

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Patio Umbrella fell in pool. Fearing the worst

Postby antneye » Tue 27 May, 2008 07:47

Pool is a Vinyl inground 3'-6' depth:

Last night I noticed the umbrella from the patio table by my pool was missing. I went over to take a look and it was nowhere to be seen. as I turned my head I saw the base of the pole sticking about 3 inches out of the water in my deep end. The umbrella fell in somehow (vandalism maybe?, table was upright so who knows), and submerged upside down in a fully open position.

I was able to reach the base of the pole and slowly tried to move it but realised that if i kept pulling the spokes would dig into the liner. So I jumped in (thank God the heater had been running for 3 days) and was able to lift the umbrella off of the bottom and then flip it to remove all tension and get it out.

I inspected the top of the pole and saw that it was flat, not sharp. I swam back down and saw an indentation in the bottom of the pool where the top had been sitting. It did not appear to have any tears, only the typical type of indentation you would get it someone jumped into you shallow end.

I am now extremely worried that theres a good chance the umbrella damaged the liner. I tried to eyeball the water level (it was dark, and the water was still choppy from me being in it). I guestimated it to be about halfway up on the second screw from top of skimmer. When i woke up in the morning, the water was perfectly still and was sitting at the bottom of the same screw. Since it was dark and the water was still choppy I dont trust my initial estimation.

I guess my question is how much water would I expect to lose overnight if the umbrella did indeed rip the liner?

Would this be repairable or would i need a full liner replacement? The pool is only in the 3rd season and it would kill me if i had to replace the liner.

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