liner replacement 18x24 Pole style from Jhook to overthewall

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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liner replacement 18x24 Pole style from Jhook to overthewall

Postby os101king » Tue 27 May, 2008 19:13

Want to switch from Jhook (Branch Brook pool) to over-the-wall style since there are NO nice patterns for my size pool otherwise. Also I believe that the J-hooks are harder to install/less forgiving for a DIY. Is this true? Would I be best served going over-the-wall? Also, had a pro quote me for installation... wanted $425 to install IF I REMOVED THE OLD LINER!!! That's without the liner purchase either. Also, it's a Branch Brook "Pole" style. It's basically slightly pinched in the middle where there are two cemented poles that we string a net from. The pro told me that I do NOT need the special 18x24 Pole liner from Branch Brook (NAMCO), that a standard 18x24 will work.

Lots of questions, but I'll be more than happy to chronicle the installation of my liner if you guys think it's DIY enough.... again, questions.

1) What is involved in switching from a J-Hook install to an Over-The-Wall?

2) Is an Over-The-Wall install easier than a J-Hook?

3) Will a standard 18x24 liner fit a BranchBrook/NAMCO 18x24 Pole style pool?

4) Are there any special procedures involved in fitting a liner into a "Pole" style pool?

Thanks for any help, I use a forum regularly for my business... they're great sources of information. Already found good tips about pH and liner life.... would have never known that otherwise.


Postby Guest » Fri 30 May, 2008 04:53

Wow, thanks for the help everyone! Really useful knowledge and experience here. I will be sure to suggest this forum for anyone looking for answers.

Postby Guest » Fri 30 May, 2008 07:23

You know, some people work. :wink:

But on with my answer to you...

I don't know if you can turn a j-hook into an overlap style pool.

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