Huge leak coming from filter head

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Huge leak coming from filter head

Postby Guest » Sat 06 May, 2006 19:36

Hey there,

I am just trying to open up my pool this weekend and installed a brand new pump, upgraded from 3/4 HP to a 1HP. I finally got the system started up and the jets pumping good and the filter head springs a leak. (Above where the rotary type valves seal onto water diversion chambers).
I just had the spider gasket (?) replaced. This leak is where the filter head meets the filter base part and I have tightened the screws to near-stripping and I cannot get the leaks to stop. The water sprays 3-5 feet in all directions.

If anyone can help me out that would be great,

Pool Helper

Filter leak help

Postby Pool Helper » Sun 07 May, 2006 02:34

Inspect the o-ring for signs of wear or damage and replace if necessary. You could also try some instant gasket in a tube.

Postby Guest » Mon 08 May, 2006 06:26

Thanks for the reply, I went out last night into the shed and guess what was sitting on the shelf, the O-ring :evil: . Popped that in and works like a charm.

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