Green stain in hot tub

Stains on the pool surfaces, pool equipment
or on the swimmers, or off-color swimming pool
water. Discolored but clear pool water.

Green stain in hot tub

Postby carlinonj » Wed 28 May, 2008 09:02

We have a gunite hot tub, which is separate from the pool but uses same water/equipment. Upon opening last week, the hot tub had dark green water, which has since cleared up beautifully. However, the seat and bottom of the hot tub have some ugly looking green stains that we can't get rid of. I've shocked it twice in the past few days, scrubbed the seat with a metal brush and have had no luck. Last year, they acid washed the hot tub when they opened it because of the same issue. Because it causes a rough surface, we are trying to avoid going that route this year. Any suggestions, please?? Thank you.

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