Chlorine help

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Chlorine help

Postby marko525 » Wed 28 May, 2008 10:55

I have an in ground 10,000 gallon pool. I bought the house last Aug and had trouble keeping chlorine levels right last fall. Went thru a bunch of chlorine and pool shop said I must be high with Phosphates. This spring when we opened pool the phosphates were very high. It took two treatments of one spray on treatment. I lturned off pump let it settle and then vaced out pool Then another of a flux? let fall and vaced it out. and then 3 bottles of a spring and fall treatment to get the phosphates out of the pool and cleaned filters. I had two pool companies test the water and they both came up with the same numbers regarding the phosphates being high before treatments. Salt reading was 3100. Would not hold chlorine over night. I have put in a salt water generator and cartridge filters before we opened the pool. They put 14 lbs of shock in the pool and two days later o reading on the free chlorine. Drained out half the water and filled with tap water that was tested and tested ok. Water is clear but this last weekend put 6 bags of shock from Sun into pool between Thursday and Saturday and pool is reading 0 on the fc

Here are my readings
Saturation index .25
Free chlorine 0.2
Total Chlorine 2.4
combined chlorine 2.1
ph 7.5
cya 70
ta 203
adjusted ta 164
calcium hardness 212
No amonia
Phosphates are testing very low
The pool co is running out of ideas.

there is a kind of sudzy film the is not noticeable until you look real close. It seems to get worse when I vac the pool or if I add shock it gets bad for a while then is hardly noticable.

I am ready to back the cement truck up and make a nice patio out of this money pit!!!

Any ideas whould be welcome


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