Swimming pool filtering problem

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Swimming pool filtering problem

Postby Guest » Wed 28 May, 2008 11:45

We just opened the pool the other day. However it doesnt' seem like the pool is filtering properly. It appears that we have little flow on the returns. The Filter is showing @ 25-30PSI, Tbe pump is running, I can see water in the basket by the pump. When we turn on the pump, I don't see or feel alot on pressure in the Skimmers and when I place my hand in the pool next to the two returns in the deep end I feel little or no water coming out.

If I run the backwash and then turn the fliter back to filtering, I see and feel water gong down the skimmers and I can feel water coming out of the reeturns.

I think that I have all the valves open properly.

I see from other posts, that I may have a leak but I don't see anything on the exposed pipes, pumps or filter.

Can someone help or give me some direction. We are in eastern pa, and the winter was ratehr mild. SO I can't believe that a pipe may have broke even if water got in one the plugs during winterization.

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