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Target FC with Nature2 and algae

Postby carlj0599 » Wed 28 May, 2008 23:01

I've been reading all the posts and have culled tidbits of information from all of them. In this post, I would like to pull it all together based on my situation.

I have a 26,700 gal inground, vinyl liner pool. I have a lot of trees that drop plenty of leaves and other tree stuff into the pool.

I've become educated (through this forum) to the FC/CYA relationship and plan to use the Pool Calculator this year. I'm currently fighting off mustard algae and have been going by the Pool Calculator recommendations and using bleach (as opposed to dichlor/trichlor powder). The bleach is working.

My CYA is currently at 60 and according to the Pool Calculator my target FC (once I get the algae cleared up) is 5-9 ppm.

Here are my questions...

1) Should I ignore the N2 Express recommendations of .5 ppm based on the Pool Calculator target FC of 5-9 and my constant battle with leaves and other tree debris?

2) If the answer to 1) is 'yes', should I dispose of the N2 cartridge altogether?

3) What is the safe FC level for swimming? The dichlor/trichlor packaging states not to enter the pool until the FC is <3ppm. I've read on this forum that the dichlor/trichlor manufacturers provide the <3ppm FC warning assuming CYA = 0. I've also read on this forum that FC at 11% of CYA is safe to swim in. With a CYA = 60, does that mean I can swim while maintaining FC at 6.6?

Thanks for your responses.

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