New Pool sinking and filled with cracks. Need advice PLZ

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New Pool sinking and filled with cracks. Need advice PLZ

Postby RWP » Thu 29 May, 2008 12:55

Hi All,

A friend of mine just had a new Gunite pool installed. About 35K gallons. Within hours of the pool being filled cracks began to develop in several places in the deep end. At this point the deep end is somehow above the shallow end by about 4 inches. The pool is also leaking.

If it matters the pool was under construction in HEAVY rains near Washington DC this spring. It filled almost completely a week after the shell was shot and water was gushing up into the pool from the holes in the bottom.

Here is my question:

The pool contractor wants to correct the problems by replacing just the bottom of the pool and leave the sides. He'll jack hammer out the pool bottom, decking and I guess remove the coping tiles because they are out of level by about 4 inches. How he plans to re-level all that I don't know. Is this a good way to go? I would think he needs to remove the entire pool and start over.

Thanks, Bob

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