can someone please help with cloudy water

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can someone please help with cloudy water

Postby mspool » Sun 07 May, 2006 07:58

long story short... new pool owner. was putting in chlorine for several weeks without using the chlorine tablets that go in that tube. pool pro said I should have been using them all along. pool was always cloudy and he said when I add the tablets that should clear it up. but it s been a week and nothing. in fact now there is a powdery substance all over the ledges, steps and bottom of the pool. when I vacuum it up it just stirs up the substance into white clouds and then it comes back into the pool through the jets. you can see it "pouring" out of the jets into the pool just cloudy water. does anyone know what this is? or what I should do? also the water feels sort of slippery or oily. I don't know what to do!

Blue Pool

DE filter?

Postby Blue Pool » Sun 07 May, 2006 15:40

Do you have a DE filter?
Have you been using pH increaser?

powdery substance

Postby mspool » Mon 08 May, 2006 08:45

I am not sure what a de filter is. my filter is a big round piece of equipment that uses sand to filter. I have not been using a ph increaser. my regime is once a week I vacuum and check my chemical levels. then I add granular chlorine - 3 lbs, pool perfect- 2 capfuls, algaecide - 6 oz, and last soda ash 2 lbs. and the chlorine tablets as needed which go in a tube that slowly releases the tablet.

Postby slfairless » Tue 23 May, 2006 11:32

your adding 1 3" tab per week?

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