Help!!!the pump doesn't work properly.

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Help!!!the pump doesn't work properly.

Postby kevin123 » Fri 30 May, 2008 04:53

The filter was good as new yesterday. But today the filter doesn't seem to work properly, the suction is weaker than before, and the water flows very slow. Could anyone please tell me what I should do to fix it..

Thank you so much
P.S the backwash and waster seem to work perfectly...



Postby kshabare » Sun 27 Jul, 2008 07:19

What is the PSI/pressure right now? As I posted on another response, our pool dealer said the backwash on our Pentair doesn't work appropriately and we'd be better off to rinse the filters ourselves.

Yesterday I noticed the vacuum in the pool wasn't pulling anything. When I checked the PSI it was at 30 and read time to clean the filter. Instead of backwashing, we cleaned the filter. We replaced the DE and shocked the pool and today it looks like water was just put in.

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