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cloudy pool no fc

Postby mgs pool » Fri 30 May, 2008 11:34

I usually just read the forum for answers, but this pool of mine this year is really exhausting my patience. I have a oval 28,000 gal IG pool vinyl liner, with the filter running all the time.
Last October I closed the pool with a cya of 80 after lowering it as much as I could. I opened the pool in Mid May. Water was greenish, cloudy not that bad. I cleaned it ,I shocked, added Alg. I tried to get water tested but had too much cl.
Next week, I then tested my water to have to much ph, too much al and no cya. My pool had a high ph and alk from opening???? I couldn't get a fcl reading.
I adj alk, (ph minus, aereate) adj ph, ph up , everything better, but the pool is still cloudy, still no fcl
my reading from pool place were
0 fcl
3.6 tcl
3.6 cc
123 alk little high
7.3 ph
110 cal
10 cya
0 cop
0 iron
0 tds

I have a 6 way test kit at home that reads similiar numbers for testing ph, fc , alk, ect
I have an automatic cleaner, running so the water isn't bad, but I have not had a fcl reading yet this year(3 weeks) despite adding gallons of chlorine. Last week, I shocked it again with 3 bags super shock then 3 bags of non chloring shock, , 3 more shock , I later added 3 bottles of bleach. Still no fcl. yesterday I added 3 bags of multi shock no fcl. I added 3 more bags, then 3 bottles of chlorine then 4 more bottles. No fcl my water is bluish whitish cloudy. I can see the shallow end, but have not seen the deep end yet. Today I added an algecide because I am starting to see algae. I also have a chlorine feeder with tri 3 tabs in it on high.
I have tested my water with my testing kit no fcl : then I added chl drops and got a reading, so I know I am not bleaching out my reading.
Do I need to just add a lot more of the bleach, chlorine at one time or gradually add it like I have been doing? I am affraid I am fryng my vinyl liner. add 3 bags wait 3 hours test add three bags wait ect. How much chlorine can I add at one time safely?
I have found my breaking point, but I need to find my pools.
any suggestions?????

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