pool water greenish black from pollen & fine dirt

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pool water greenish black from pollen & fine dirt

Postby pooski » Fri 30 May, 2008 11:49

Upon opening our pool this year, the water is very clear but an enormous amount of pollen and fine dirt went through our safety cover. I tried vacuuming it up but the hose became unattached and it stirred up the mess and now the entire pool is greenish/black. We can't see anything to continue vacuuming. I added shock, chlorine tabs, algacide, and bought poly blue water clarifier to add. Any other tips? How long should it take to clear up? I let it sit over night thinking it would settle some but it didn't help at all. Any information would be greatly appreciated! My pool is 31,000 gallons - in-ground.

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green water

Postby ehoss » Sat 31 May, 2008 16:55

We have had the same problems. We have 24,000 gal. pool. We dumped three gal of clorox in and one gal. of algecide on the first day. The next day we started a siphon with our shop vac to by pass the filter and swept. Lots of green gross junk. We then put in another algecide (asked the store for the best they had) four bags of shock and two gallons of liquid clorine. So far we have blue cloudy water and we keep sweeping bypassing the filter. Once the green gunk stops coming up from the botton we are going to hook up the vac to the filter. It will cloudy up a little each time you sweep, just give it an hour and go at it again. I know it sound like a lot, we only paid about $50 for all of the stuff. Good luck

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