maintaing a pool closed for several seasons

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sedona dreamer

maintaing a pool closed for several seasons

Postby sedona dreamer » Fri 30 May, 2008 19:02

We have an in-ground gunite pool in the Buffalo, NY area that we left closed last season after it was winterized the previous fall. Is it ok to leave it closed again till next summer and if we do, are there any maintenance issues we should know about so we don't have future problems? It's about 20,000 gallons and I've been adding liquid bleach every month when the water is not frozen as per the suggestion of the pool tech who winterized our equipment in the fall of 2006. There is some dirt that has settled to the bottom, but the water is still cold enough that algae is under control at the moment.

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Postby muss08 » Fri 30 May, 2008 21:05

Just make sure you redrain the pool when you start reaching freezing temps again so you dont damage any tile. Also, syphon out the water in any skimmers, unplug and pour some extra pipeline antifreeze in, plug it, and pour some more in the skimmer itself. I'd suggest pulling the motors from the pumps and storing inside if you havent done so already. Make sure you are checking the pH as well so you dont have any etching in the plaster or scale buildup.
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