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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Opening Pool for the first time

Postby NancyM » Sun 07 May, 2006 10:45

We bought a house last fall that had in above-ground pool. The water was green and dirty but we cleaned and backwashed it,had the water tested by a Pool Store and then added the proper chemcials to have the pool to bed for the winter. About a month after tarping the pool we discovered that we had put a small hole in the liner when cleaning it and all but a very small amount of water had leaked out. We repaired the hole, refilled it and then left it for the winter. Now my big question is: Where do we start with opening up the pool for the spring. We live in Ontario, so when would be a good time to clean out the leaves and start it up?? What do we have to buy in the way of chemicals etc. to get the pool ready for summer?? I would SO APPRECIATE anyones help that is experienced with this......Thanks....


Pool opening in Canada

Postby Pooll » Sun 07 May, 2006 15:37

It's a good idea to consider opening the pool before the weather gets too warm, usually a month or more before the swimming weather begins.

Here is a basic chemical list:
- chlorine
- cyanuric acid (if you use unstabilised chlorine)
- pH adjuster (pH up or pH down, depending on your fill water)
- algicide
- clarifier/flocculant

If you use a mineral system such as the Pool Wizard, you won't need the algicide or flocculant.

You should also get hold of a good test kit to measure chlorine and pH levels. Try get a kit that uses DPD for the chlorine test (the OTO tests are rather inaccurate and the OTO is highly poisonous).

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