Anyone familiar with Kayak Pools ?

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Anyone familiar with Kayak Pools ?

Postby Philgu » Fri 11 Jul, 2008 18:08

Hope I'm posting in the right spot....

I'm looking at buying a used Kayak pool, the seller says it's an on ground, but from looking at kayaks web site, it seems they have a different deffinition of on ground than most. I called a local dealer, and they were only interested in selling me a new pool. They said Kayak does make an on ground that can be submersed, but wouldn't verify if the used pool I was looking at was or not :( (even though they sold the pool).

Here's the link to the pool I'm looking at, can antone verify if it's OK to be dug into the ground ?

Thanks in advance

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Anyone familiar with Kayak Pools ?

Postby Pinto02 » Thu 02 Feb, 2012 02:23

I recently came across your post and have been reading along. I want to express my admiration of kayak pools. I would like to read newer posts and to share my thoughts with you. Thanks for indeed.

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