Opening the pool

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Opening the pool

Postby Totally clueless » Fri 11 Jul, 2008 20:22

We just bought this house a year ago and neither of us have any idea how to open or maintain a pool. We dont know what setting to put it on to vaccum the pool. We were told to put it on filter but it just puts all the crap back in! If you could help me save my pool I would really appreciate it.

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Postby muss08 » Fri 11 Jul, 2008 21:35

Do you have a test kit? If so what kind (ma
nmufacturer and model)? Is the pool inground or aboveground? What kind of filter do you have (sand, DE, cartridge)? Do you have a multiport valve (valve attached to the filter that has a handle that can be switched to various settings such as filter, waste, recirculate, backwash, rinse)? What condition is you water in (blue and clear, blue and cloudy, green and clear, green and cloudy)? Finally how many gallons is your pool? If you dont know tell me length, width and shallow depth and well depth. If circular tell me the diameter and depth. I need to know all of this to help you out.
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