Low alkalinity Help please!

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Low alkalinity Help please!

Postby Pauline » Sat 12 Jul, 2008 13:42

Hi Can anyone help please. We have a 15ft x 4ft pool (approx 4500 gal)and PH and chlorine levels are perfect and have been for a month, but, since filling pool I cannot get alkalinity up It is between 0 and 40. Can anyone advise me on how to increase this. I have looked at a couple of websites and they mention bicarbonate, does this mean bicarbonate of soda and how much should I use, and, do I put it straight in of dilute it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Pauline


Postby steve767300 » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 04:02

Hi Pauline
Yes, just go to your pool supply store or farm supply store(way cheaper) and get a bag of food grade sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) and add approx 1/3 of a 50 lb. bag. No need to dilute, just make sure your filter is running.
Hope this helps

Postby Guest » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 12:46

Many thanks Steve Will give it a try Pauline
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Postby muss08 » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 18:07

You can also go to the supermarket or costco/price club to get the baking soda
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