Dogs and Inground Pools

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Dogs and Inground Pools

Postby Jenspool » Sun 13 Jul, 2008 08:04

My two 3-year old dogs have only known my pool to date as an empty hole in the ground. I just had it relined and filled with water this weekend and to my surprise, they are taking no interest in the water.

I'd planned to familiarize them with the pool and teach them how to get out by using the steps, but since they've taken no interest, I'm now debating whether to leave it be. The trouble is I have to go back to work tomorrow and they have full access to this area during the day while no one is at home. I'd love to get advice from inground pool owners with dogs.

By the way, the type of dogs are Bichon Frisces. I previously had a Bichon Frisce and she would go in only when we were around and had no interest other than that. (she went nuts whenever we went swimming -freaking out about where we were when we went under the water, barking insistently and running around the pool and overheating herself. Then we'd put her in for a minute to cool her off and calm her down, but she wouldn't go in on her own. The whole scene was a nuisance when company was over and I hate the smell of wet dog so this isn't a favored idea) We didn't have the steps then.

Now we have steps so I'd have peace of mind that these two could get out if they ever fell in, but I'm sure I'd have to teach them this in advance. These two are bigger and tend to get into some interesting trouble as they plot their days together (lol). And of course whereever one goes, the other follows. I'm completely amazed that they walked away from the area while we were playing in the pool yesterday (went inside to lay down in the air conditioning) and I'll continue to watch them today, but have to go back to work tomorrow.

Would you put them in and teach them where the steps are and chance they'd love it and be in an out all day while we are at work, or leave it be hoping they have no interest on the chance they'd get in there sometime and not know how to get out? I'm planning to teach them today, but wonder if I'm just opening a can of worms. Any thoughts?

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Postby muss08 » Sun 13 Jul, 2008 09:12

Whether or not they love the pool I would get them in to teach them how to get out. It would be a shame if they were to fall in by accident and not know how to get out.
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Postby srg55 » Fri 03 Oct, 2008 22:24

I lost a dog to pool water. He drank it to excess, even when we gave him his own bowl of tap water. The more chemicals we put in the pool, the better he liked drinking that water. He aged prematurely and died at 10. His kidneys were shot from the chems. I think letting dogs have access to swimming pools is idiotic. We fenced off our pool before we got another dog. If your dogs are not interested in the pool, that's great. I would NEVER get them used to swimming in it. I would fence it off if I were you.
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Dogs and Inground Pools

Postby XtremelyTropical » Thu 19 Mar, 2009 15:14

I think fencing the pool off and keeping the dogs away from it all together is absolutely necessary for their health and life. They can become seriously ill from the water alone.
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Dogs and Inground Pools

Postby Guest » Thu 19 Mar, 2009 18:24

They can become seriously ill from the water alone.

Not to mention the things they can carry into the water on their coats. If sanitizer levels are low then any bacteria the dog may have picked up while lying in the dirt will get transferred to the pool where they can happily multiply.

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