Chlorine stains

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Chlorine stains

Postby snnyretired » Sun 13 Jul, 2008 16:40

Evidently I had a high chlorine level when my local Pinch a Penny rep said to add a half a jug of liquid chlorine and 3 pints of acid. It didn't register as having any chlorine, after I had a problem he thought that the reading was too hight to register. As a result, I appear to have stains (dark walls and some other spots near my strainer and stairs. He then had me put in some chlorine reducer and that seemed to cause the stains. My question is can these stains be remored and how?


stained walls

Postby cocoribbit » Mon 14 Jul, 2008 19:20

I have the same problem in my pool and a few weeks ago I had to drain it to repair a crack and the gunite company suggested an acid wash on the walls, it looked good for a little while but the stains came back. I hope someone has a better suggestion for us!

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