Where's the leak?

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Where's the leak?

Postby MiamiSun » Sun 07 May, 2006 13:32

We have just taken ownership of an older home with an older inground pool. Over a period of about four days the pool is losing nearly four inches of water and the connecting spa which is set at the same level goes down about nine inches. The water level doesn't seem to drop while the pump is running, only when we shut it off. I've checked around the pump and filter system, even the skimmer, and I can find no dampness or condensation anywhere. Where should I look next?


Leaky spa

Postby Guest » Sun 07 May, 2006 16:04

Try to find the problem at the spa end. Could be a light fixture, return jet drain, ...

Any more details may help others here determine the problem better.

Postby MiamiSun » Sun 07 May, 2006 17:35

Come to think of it, the light in the spa is burned out. It is possible that could be the problem. I'll look into it. Thanks!

Postby MiamiSun » Sun 07 May, 2006 17:46

I just thought of something...

The pool loses about four inches of water and then stops, the spa loses about at least double that and then stops. Once it hits a certain point, the water level stays where it is. And when this happens, it is above the light in the spa, so could that still be the problem??

Poll Help

Spa leak problem

Postby Poll Help » Mon 08 May, 2006 02:56

It could well be the light. The electrical conduit may be channeling the water out. It is almost impossible to know how the conduit was laid. If it goes up a few inches before dipping down again, it will only leak out to the level of the apex or peak of the bend/junction.

I suggest you remove the light and inspect it to determine whether the problem could be from the fitting.

pool leak

Postby dave » Sat 13 May, 2006 12:54

my brother was filtering the pool for a couple of hours he came out about a half hour ago and the level was down an inch of water
but theres a big puddle around the sand filter not that much to loseaninch
it hasnt been open in three years because my aunt was very sick
and willed it to us if anybody can give me any suggestions
feel free to email me at bink282@yahoo.com

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