pump/filter/DE problems

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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pump/filter/DE problems

Postby SDMOMOF3 » Tue 15 Jul, 2008 12:41

We had new pump installed as part of a solar heating upgrade. They installed the pump backwards, pumping all the DE out of the filter into the pool. It took them a few days to come out to fix and clean it all. Now we have hard clumps of "stuff" stuck to the bottom of our pool. Installer claims it can't be DE, but it wasn't there before they messed the whole system up. Now from time to time, DE like stuff (maybe DE) shows up at the bottom of our pool. This never happened before. Any thoughts?


Postby Guest » Wed 16 Jul, 2008 01:38

If the filter was loaded with DE after the plumbing mistake, the DE would be on the inside of the filter grids. When the plumbing was corrected, the DE on the inside of the grids would go into the pool.

That assumes the filter was reloaded while the plumbing was messed up.


Postby Bob0815 » Thu 17 Jul, 2008 17:49

How did you remove the D.E from the pool

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