total alkalinity still to high

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total alkalinity still to high

Postby mandm » Fri 18 Jul, 2008 01:51

after adding pH minus to bring down the TA it only brought down the pH level from 7.6 to 6.8. what should i do to bring down the TA and not the pH

These were my reading before adding the pH minus- pH=7.6 / FAC=2.0 / TA= 175 / CH=260
pool dimensions= 12ft.*36in.[/list]

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Postby chem geek » Fri 18 Jul, 2008 12:45

You need to aerate the water and then when the pH rises add more acid to keep the pH low -- the net result will be a lowering in TA. The procedure is described in this post. Be careful about going so low in pH -- most pH tests don't measure below 6.8 so your 6.8 reading could be even lower in pH. You should only go to the next to the lowest reading on your pH test so you make sure you don't go too far.


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