Hose fittings always drip - what's the trick?

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Hose fittings always drip - what's the trick?

Postby francis » Fri 18 Jul, 2008 12:07

Why do my above ground hose fittings always drip? What am I missing.

My hose is medium-quality with that spiral slinky kind of ribbing. I'm putting it on the correct-size pvc connectors with hose on one side and threaded on the other. I'm using the usual straps.

I tighten and tighten til I'm sure it's going to break...one of the straps did...and they still always seem prone to drips.



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Postby muss08 » Fri 18 Jul, 2008 16:24

Did you use teflon tape on the threads? If not try that.
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solved my own problem w/ brute force

Postby francis » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 08:26

No it wasn't the threaded end that leaked (because I had used teflon tape).

I solved my own problem with a three-pronged brute force method:
1) heat the hose with a hair dryer
2) apply some pipe dope inside
3) use two clamps instead of one

Overkill, maybe, but it worked.

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