I think my Liner stretch From The Sun

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I think my Liner stretch From The Sun

Postby Guest » Sat 19 Jul, 2008 08:47

I currently puchased a Unibead Liner three weeks ago. It has been sitting on my deckin the box for the entire three weeks where it gets tons of sun. I installed it in the pool the other day a noticed that it was a lot larger than the pool. I got the floor nice and smooth but the walls in some spots have 3"-4" folds. Why and What can I do? Help!!!!!


Postby Guest » Wed 23 Jul, 2008 13:15

Folds over the rails or on the walls? I am a little confused? The liner is supposed to stretch in the sun, thats how most people get it to fit properly. Liners usually need to be stretched before usage.

I have also heard of people taking off the bead and just overlapping their liner, or taking off the bead, cutting the liner and putting the bead back on. It takes some skill but it can be done.

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