new to pool - problems HELP!

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new to pool - problems HELP!

Postby starsplitter » Sat 19 Jul, 2008 13:23

I have read some of the posts and recognize that you are a helpful bunch. Hopefully you can help us. We inherited a pool when we bought our new house so this is our first summer. It seemed so easy. Right? Ha! It is an above-ground, 26, 000 gallon. We have gotten it fairly clean, but never really clear. If we don't shock every day we end up with an algae filled pool. We have eliminated most of that problem now, although there are still green streaks of algae on the pool floor and the water remains cloudy. We have not purchased an extensive testing kit yet, but we will soon. We have a minimal kit that reads:
Cl: .5
Br: 1
pH: between 7.5 and 7.8

Any thoughts on clearing up these problems and continued maintenance. All thoughts and suggestions would be highly appreciated as we feel like we are flying in the dark and are very frustrated. My husband screams at the pool on a daily basis. :(

Thanks for your help,

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