Did I make a fatal error?

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Did I make a fatal error?

Postby justneedsomehelp » Sat 19 Jul, 2008 21:11

Ran numbers today

CL 6
TA 30
Ph 7
CYA 80

Inground 22,500 gallon pool. Was using last of my pucks, started liquid bleach a week ago.

I went to the pool Calculator and looked at what I needed to add to raise the TA and PH.

I added 10 pounds of arm and hammer slowly to the skimmer. I did not add any more A and H and did not add any borax at this point.

Anyway, my pool now has a good bit of white foam on the top of the water and when we get in it we naturally create more.

Is this normal with adding arm and hammer or did I make a mistake here.

Im gonna let the pump run 24/7 for a little till I get things right.



forgot to add

Postby justneedsomehelp » Sat 19 Jul, 2008 21:12

In the dark with the light on you can see lots of particles in the water, I did back flush the sand filter incase all the A and H got hogged up inside it.

Thanks for help
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BBB method

Postby chem geek » Sun 20 Jul, 2008 13:51

You would normally add the baking soda in front of a return flow in the deep end, though it was OK to add it to the skimmer if done slowly. You didn't list your Calcium Hardness (CH) level. If it's below 100 ppm, you can raise it to 100 to 150 ppm to prevent foaming in general.

Are you sure you added Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and not the laundry detergent? Are you sure that your TA was really as low as 30 ppm? That seems VERY unlikely if your CYA was 80 ppm and your pH was 7 (7.0?). Are you using a good test kit such as the Taylor K-2006 or the TF100 from tftestkits(dot)com?


BBB method

Postby justneedsomehelp » Sun 20 Jul, 2008 16:59

As of this writing,

CL at 6
PH at 7.8
ta at 70
CH at 180
cya 80
22,500 inground vinyal

The foam has pretty much gone away, still minimal foaming when kids acting like kids but nothing like last night. My ph and TA went up with just arm and hammer baking soda (not laundry detergent), so Im putting borax up for a future time.

The water is clear but in the 9 foot end its not "crystal" clear, very little hazing. I am losing NO cl thru the night. I think Im ok, but due to the not crystal clear issue I did put 2 gallons of bleach (5.25%) in it for the evening...if nothing else to just be safe.

I will assume the foaming and all is norm when you put the A and H in the skimmer side instead of on a sock at the outlet. If you can let me know I will live.

I think Im going to try and keep the chlorine level at 8 for the rest of the summer, the thought of algea bloom sickens me to be honest.

SOund like Im still on the right track?


Postby justneedsomehelp » Sun 20 Jul, 2008 17:07

Just to show you that I am still a NOOB, I had the little lady look at the arm and hammer box and guess what, I DID BUY laundry detergent.

Needless to say it has 15% more BAKING SODA in it, rofl. I dont understand why my levels went up like they did buy hey Im not a chemist.

Now the question is, do I need to do anything special with the water or just keep chlorine in it, Im assuming its just some soap and all, [It is fragrance/perume free :-)].

Let me know what ya think I should do, I did put 2 gallons of chlorine (not detergent lol) in it tonight.

Im a noob.

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