Sweeper doesn't work with solar

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Stressed but Happy, CA
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Sweeper doesn't work with solar

Postby Stressed but Happy, CA » Sun 20 Jul, 2008 22:20

We just had our pool completed in June. Since Solar was installed (last friday) the cleaner (phanton) has not worked. Troubleshoot for cleaner (owner manual) says no pressure. If I turn off solar on the Goldline pro logic controller it works. Solar is Suntrek, the installer said it drains when turned off (nice feature, no need of drainning for winter). I called the pool guy which came over during the first month to start the pool and he said to set the cleaner earlier (8-9:45 am) since solar is from 10 to 5 pm. I am under the impression solar doesn't have a set time, it works whenever filter is on. Is that right? I'm afraid to turn solar off (push the button on controller) and have the water drain and have this process going on everyday. I have set filter on high from 7:45 to 5pm. The high set is 80% (pool guy set-up the system). Now I noticed the heater, Hayward 400.000 BTU has an error message, LO, meaning it's shut/ locked for some reason and light for service is on. Salt reads 3.500. When the pool guy was here, last day was last Wed, the readings were fine, 3.300. What should I do? the pool will probably be warm by tomorrow (3rd day after solar was installed), but I need to fix the heater problem (error message), the setting on the controller (so Phanton cleaner can work) and fix the salt problem, lower it.
Does anyone know anything about this? What should be the right setting for the cleaner and solar? Do you think if I raise the filter high setting to 100% it would works? Thanks,

I turned off solar this morning (Monday), before filter started. The phanton cleaner worked normally and I got the normal message on the heater, BO. After its cycle, I turned off filter and unhooked it (cleaner), turned solar back on, then the filter. I noticed heater message started to oscilate between LO, error message and BO, good message. I'm sure it's programmed wrong in the prologic control. Reading over Suntrek website I found out it has to be drainned every night, the installer didn't tell me or program it. I am still not sure if I should turn it off everyday (drain solar), specially because I won't be here at the times supposed to work (I mean turn off cleaner, turn on solar- what about automation?). Any help, please????
But I am definetely happy again to see my pool crystal clear. Thanks,

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