auto Pool Cleaner problems

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auto Pool Cleaner problems

Postby rayh78 » Mon 08 May, 2006 07:01

Any suggestions for a new one or fix the old one?
Had a EZ Vac but the large rubber fin like seal only lasted about 2 years and was a little expensive to replace so stopped using since had a ladder problem.
Whenever I used the vac I had to remove the ladder since the hose would get stuck behind ladder.

Also what do you thing if I add a extra return eye fitting as another supply back to pump on the oposite side of ladder. And use this to plug a cleaner into but I could shorten the hose so it does not quite reach the ladder. Have a 3/4 hp pump on a 18 ft round AG pool. Dont know if I would have enough suction to run skimmer and the cleaner at same time.


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