chlorine shelf life

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chlorine shelf life

Postby notapoolnewbie » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 20:55

Greetings PoolFolks,

We've had a small pool for a few years probs. :D

Our question is about the quality of chlorine which has been stored over the winter for two or more seasons. Does it degrade - both in the puck form and in the granular form? :?:

If it does degrade, and is no longer effective for sanitizing the pool water, how do we dispose of degraded chlorine?

Thanks tons! :)

Pool Guy 75
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Pool Guy 75 » Mon 21 Jul, 2008 23:46

What I do know is that Liquid chlorine degrades after it's been stored for more than a month. But, for granular chlorine/chemicals, you should store it in a place where humidity is low and temperatures are at room temperature range and not in direct sunlight. Although, the products should lable the specifications for storing it.

You should still use them, it's not like they will expire completely, but as you said their sanitizing effectiveness will be much lower. liquid chlorine will degrade the quickest, but it will still have some free chlorine no matter how long it's been in storage. Granular chlorine will degrade quicker where there is enough moisture/humidity, so you must choose a dry, shaded, and temperature-constant storage area.

Postby Guest » Fri 25 Jul, 2008 13:05

Thanks :D
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby tpm » Fri 05 Sep, 2008 07:49

I switched over to a salt system. Best thing we ever did. I went all season with only adding shock when it was opened. The salt kept my levels perfectly

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