Above Ground Pool Uprights Failing After Install

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Above Ground Pool Uprights Failing After Install

Postby PKarl » Wed 23 Jul, 2008 12:25

Hi There,

We just had our old 24’ above ground pool replaced with a new 24’x52” Doughboy pool. I removed the old pool and pump myself 2 weeks ago in preparation of the installation of the new pool last week. When the installers arrived at my home, they brought a small Bob-Cat with them to clear and level the old sand/dirt, and replaced it with new material. The pool was installed in just under 2.5 hours by 5 guys and looked very good in place of the 19 year old pool that had been there. The problem is this, yesterday, 1 week after getting the new pool, and only 4 days after it was filled (we took 3 days to fill it as we only turned the hose on during the day), I was walking the circumference around the pool, marking off an 18” wide circle on the outside for some landscapers to come give me a bid on a “splash ring” that my wife and I want around the base. To my surprise, 12 of the 20 uprights are bent or folding, some more so than others, roughly in the mid section of each. We’ve only been in the pool 2x and only for a few hours (first sunburn of the season kept us out by day 3). Nobody has jumped or dove off the side of the pool, there is no decking adjacent to the top rail, the ladder is not attached to the pool as it’s one of the larger ones with steps going down into the pool and the ladder on the outside. I called the pool seller and the installer and I’m not getting any answers, other than "we'll get back to you". Can you please shed some light as to why this may be happening? Oh, and by the way, the bent/folded uprights are not concentrated to one side, etc, they are at various intervals, on all sides.

Thanks a million!

The Karls
Imperial Missouri

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