nightmare installation and uncooperative pool company...HELP

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nightmare installation and uncooperative pool company...HELP

Postby maguidry » Thu 24 Jul, 2008 18:11

We just bought a pool in November of 2007 so we could excercise. The pool was installed and because of schedule conflicts we could not power anything up at the time of installation. The pool is under warranty so when electricity and cement slab were finally complete we discovered to our dismay that the air intake for the jacuzzi style jets actually blow water out of the pipes instead of drawing air in. We contacted the company who after long exhausting arguements has decided not to help us, they kind of blew us off so we contacted a few attorneys they want an enormous amount of money up front before persuing the case.
Is anyone out there that can help direct us? My husband is just sick over this and we have a lot of money invested in this project and are quickly running out of options/cash.

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