Algae from hell

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Crazy in Oklahoma

Algae from hell

Postby Crazy in Oklahoma » Sat 26 Jul, 2008 15:06

I had the pool clear by rotating filters regularly. Would shock once a week. It was cloudy but never really clear after a lot of rain caused the problem. Now it's dry, been dry for 3 weeks and this week algae has broke out like crazy! I tried a concoction that would drop the algae to the flooor to be swept but then it blew right through the bag and like a cloud, back into the pool. The idiot that sold this sucker that got $30 for that sweeper. Now my pool is green again - the algae mixed like sugar into tea. When it settles again, it's clear to the floor of the pool. So how to I get that out? I've shocked three times with a higher brom. count. Help!!!!

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