Help - Hurricane with long power outage - now what?

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Help - Hurricane with long power outage - now what?

Postby stxsalinepool » Tue 29 Jul, 2008 18:44

We have a saline pool, 18 months old, 15x30 inground; DE Filter back washed and salt cell cleaned 3 weeks ago. All chemicals balanced until hurricane last week. During the storm a power pole was broken & thrown into the pool with power line from the house resting in the pool, still connected to house and pole; power surges from the line as power was restored to area (in spite of several calls to electric company, sheriff's dept, etc advising of the hazard) Without power for 4 days with lots of debris in the pool. Breaker to the pool & house were thrown as soon as storm subsided & it was safe to do so.

Our current problem: all parts of system came online except salt generating cell - removed, inspected, cleaned (lots of mineral deposits in cell in spite of recent cleaning - we've never seen this much build up before) seemed to be running with super chlorinate working, ran for 24 hours, chlorine level still low, lights indicate to check cell, removed cell, noted minor build ups again and cleaned; replaced and started system, saline level reading increased from 2700 to 2900 (it was 3200 prior to storm), all normal lights are on, but check cell light continues to come on.

What should we do at this point? Could this have been caused by the line in the pool with the power surges, the prolonged power outage? (it worked fine until the storm). Should we continue to try to work with the current cell or replace it?

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Postby Strannik-au » Wed 30 Jul, 2008 08:13

quite possible
i would get both the unit and cell tested

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