help! REALLY need advice about oil and gas spill in pool!!!!

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help! REALLY need advice about oil and gas spill in pool!!!!

Postby mermaid24 » Fri 01 Aug, 2008 19:03

Hi guys,

so make a long story short, a tractor ended up going for a swim in my pool. After calling a few pool stores in the area and learning that we would have to completely drain the pool to remove the gas and oil, I am looking for other alternatives to fix the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby srg55 » Fri 03 Oct, 2008 22:28

DRAIN IT! OTOH, if you get off on oil and gas on your skin and in your stomach, just hop on in and never you mind. The fumes from the floating petrochemicals will be great fun wafting up combined with the chlorine vapors. Woo-hoo!

oil in pool

Postby pismopoolman » Wed 15 Oct, 2008 16:17

ask your pool supplier about a product called pool first aide it is an enzime that i have used to break down oil in pools that have been vandelized the product is made by Natural Chemistrys and works very well just remember to clean filters with TSP to get oil out of grids
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby jam919 » Thu 16 Oct, 2008 22:11

If the chemical doesn't work, valve off the main drain a bit to increase the flow through the skimmers. That will pull the water on top through with more frequency. Backwash frequently.

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