Filter head pressure/ liner wrinkle issue too

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Filter head pressure/ liner wrinkle issue too

Postby Done487 » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 10:54

Hi, experieincing something new here. The discharge pressure is up to 22 from a normal 15 psi. I flushed the filter for two minutes this morning, no change. The filter valve head is making more noise than normal when in the filter mode. This has just cropped up a few days ago. The system is aprox. 6 years old. Anyone experience this, if so what is wrong? :?:

One other strange thing, towards the end of last season the inground liner started showing a bunch of wrinkles. This year it seems to have even more. Any ideas on this one too? My hunch is the extreme chemistry I have had to do for the last two years. I added 55 gallons of shock at one time, nearly a gallon muriatic acid to name a few extremes. :shock:

18,000 gallon 16x32 with a 5ft deep end.

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