murky water, husband losing patience

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murky water, husband losing patience

Postby lisag » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 12:12

We have an Intex above ground pool, and the water has been murky for several days. My husband has added much chlorine, and most recently a product called pool clear ( aluminum sulphate). None have worked, it may be getting worse. I read the other posts, but am very new to the pool world and have difficulty understanding if our situation is the same.

using test strips shows normal bromine, high chlorine, and high ph and high ta.

Help, before my husband loses his mind.


murky water

Postby Lindy » Mon 04 Aug, 2008 07:11

I had the same problem. You will need to add ALOT of ph minus, depending on your pool size. It took a couple days to clear up but we can finally see the bottom!!! Good luck :D

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