pool coolers/glaciers

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pool coolers/glaciers

Postby roblyer » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 15:00

Has anybody installed a Glacier pool cooler. Our water temperature is bath water and we are curious to know how well these work and at what kind of cost to operate. Please advise........


warm water

Postby johnson » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 15:41

Does anyone have any suggestions to cool the pool water???????

warm water

Postby davidaz » Sun 03 Aug, 2008 15:44

We have considered getting a Glacier pool cooler, but have not heard how well they work. I have heard these work, but not found anybody to confirm.


Postby barrera » Tue 05 Aug, 2008 00:40

Roblyer, I think you should try a big blue tarp on poles instead, you know for some shade!

pool coolers/glaciers

Postby isam » Fri 06 May, 2011 18:13

I had one installed in 2006 and it works great. Cools the water about 10 degress. I live in the Palm Springs Ca. area and the pool can reach 95 with air temps on 115
kenny ken

pool coolers/glaciers

Postby kenny ken » Fri 15 Jul, 2011 20:14

all u need is a foutain as water shots up in the air the humidity is removed and cools 10 degrees or more. run over night for best results.

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