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Re: Sand Filter Pressure VERY low

Postby Backglass » Mon 02 Jul, 2007 21:43

christy wrote:Hi everyone,
I am new to owning a pool. We bought a house and it was here. Everything had been going pretty good since we got it clean and running. A few weeks ago after backwashing the pressure was at 10psi. It has remained at 10psi for about 3 weeks. I made the bad choice of backwashing because I had been vaccuming and thought I should. Well now the PSI is at like 2. I know this can not be good. What do I do? What happened? How do I get it back up to 12-15 PSI. The motor sounds fine, but there is weak water pressure coming from the return.
The gauge is brand new too.
Please help!

You really should start a new topic instead of adding to someone else's six month old discussion.

Is your filter sand or DE? If DE, you simply backwashed all your filtering material out and need to reload it.


Pool pressure gauge

Postby MAGI » Sun 18 Jul, 2010 10:53

Great information here and I have a similar question. I just replaced my spa pump/motor. It is a direct replacement. Hayward 1HP. I drained and cleaned the spa and re-filled with water. When I turned on the power the pump would kick down. After I let some of the air out of the sand filter, I was able to get it running good. However, the pressure is at 53psi. I used to run around 30psi. It built up so much pressure it looked like it could blow up the sand filter. The spa is now clean but I cut the power to avoid any potential incident or injury. Does anyone have any idea how I can get the pressure back down????

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