Waste suction

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Waste suction

Postby Guest » Wed 06 Aug, 2008 06:03

Hi :)

I have a slight problem with the suction to waste option on my multi port.
(Its very similar to a Hayward filter)

The PSI reading when switch to waste is 20-21 but there is little to no suction from the skimmer. I have blocked off 1 skimmer and main drain but it doesn't make a difference.

We changed the gasket in the top of the filter in the last week but that only makes the suction much better especially in filter so I guess it can only be a good thing !!

But I can't understand is why there is no suction in waste :(

(Before the gasket was changed I randomly got good suction)

I have major suction in filter and backwash,my problem is that I have a lot of fine debris on the bottom which when I vacuum to filter gets pushed back in the return valves make the pool cloudy again.

32ft x 16 ft deep end 8ft shallow end 3ft

Hope this makes sense sorry if it doesn't.

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