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Postby KaranW » Sat 09 Aug, 2008 14:05

Our Polaris 380 (purchased 11/5/06) wheels stopped moving 7/26/08. We took it to Leslies Pools on Jones rd. in Houston, TX. Said it had a blockage in a valve. We picked up the Polaris and re-installed it in our pool. It made one trip across the pool and quit working again. I pulled it out of the pool and inspected it to find that it was making a grinding noise and that there was a large gap where the two pieces of the body connected. There was also a tab on the lower assembly that was on the outside of the body that appeared to belong on the inside of the upper assembly that broke off. We returned the unit to your store, now they said the problem was a bearing. We were also shown the in line filter that had a hole in it, that they replaced. Problem is, the filter we were shown was not the one from our machine (it was old and rotted). We had inspected and cleaned the filter before we took it in. On top of that, the broken part I referred to was still in the bag that we returned the unit in, and no mention of broken or missing parts was made until I inspected the Polaris, and pointed it out to the clerk. At this time I got the same old story "We'll check it out in the morning and call you" When she called, I ask about the broken part, she told me that it wasn't a necessary part. I asked her if the debris would still go into the bag without that part. She came back on the line and said "Wow that's a big freak in hole isn't it". She told me she would Super Glue the part back on and it would be OK until the unit had to be taken apart again. Does Polaris have parts on their machines that are not "necessary"? , and will super glue hold up in a chlorine environment? That was all she could do because it didn’t leave the store broken. I said it broke because you put it together wrong. She said she didn’t.
Each time we take this back to your store it seems to come back in worse condition than before. Out of frustration, we picked up our Polaris, re-installed the unit in our pool. It now moves around the pool, but will not pick up any debris. What can I do? Besides I have to buy a new part, because Leslies Pools have incompetent people working on these machines. :x

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Postby muss08 » Sat 09 Aug, 2008 17:40

Most polaris issues you can fix yourself. One of my clients took a polaris to leslies here in maryland and they had it for 10 days and still didnt get around to fixing it. I fixed it in ten minutes. Go to the polaris website or search for an exploded view of your polaris on the net. Then try to fix it yourself. Remove the top cover and take a look at how the water flows from the feed mast (where the hose connects to the top of the unit) down through the internal tubes that go to the tail and to the bottom. Look for any holes or disconnected tubes. Wiggle your wheels. If they are loose then you need new bearings. Look at the teeth on your wheels. Are any broken or grinded down? Look at the tires that cover the rim of the wheel. Is it abnormally shaped or worn down? All these things you can take care of yourself just make sure you remember where the parts go when you take something apart.
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