Newbie with a pool leak question........

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Newbie with a pool leak question........

Postby CaseyC » Sun 10 Aug, 2008 10:01

My in-ground pool loses about 3/4" of water per day. I am not getting any air into the filtration system through the skimmer or bottom drain lines (hopefully this means I can rule them out). Could someone please recommend a step by step check how to proceed to find this leak?????

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pool leak

Postby RobUrias » Sun 17 Aug, 2008 19:40

If you plug the returns with rubber expanding plugs and the pool stops losing water then it's in the return line- actually if you leave the equipment off for awhile and the leak slows you also know it's in the return line. Then you need to call a leak detection service to find the leak (usually cheaper when you narrow it down. also, offer the guy cash ;) ).
I have had very little luck with the dye and syringe method of leak detection, but I don't have scuba gear. You need patience and to be very very still. Therefore, I don't check for leaks in the light niche that way, I just plug the conduit where the light cord goes through and see if that stops it.
One time I let a pool drain until it stopped at the leak-it took weeks and it was right around the main drain (under the grate) where it looks like the plaster degraded right around the pvc pipe. I plaster patched it and that fixed it. Since then I have seen that a few times.
I used to think you could tell if a plaster crack was just surface-y or was structural until I came upon a pool that I'm working on now-American Leak Detection found multiple leaks in these tiny hairline cracks that amounted to a 300-400 gal water loss per day. So you can't rule those out.

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