Is it level enough

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Is it level enough

Postby Guest » Tue 09 May, 2006 23:22

I had on of these 18ft dia pools with the inflatable rings for the last 3 years and now I'm putting in one of the rectangular 18x9 pools. I’ve been working to level it a bit more but it seems if its level enough for the other pool it will work for this one. I would think the inflatable ring pools would be more susceptible to problems with being out of level that these pools. It would also seem that the footings being level is the biggest thing on the rectangular pool. The last question I swear. I would like to put some sand underneath just to soften the feel on the bottom of the pool as our soil is clay which is like rock. Is that a sin or what?
Thanks for taking the time to respond to any or all of my questions.


Postby Guest » Wed 10 May, 2006 21:55

I believe a couple inches of sand is recommended.

It's important that all posts be placed on patio stones and are level to each other within an inch. If you don't it will be very noticible, and void the warranty, and not safe.


Postby gmpurdum » Fri 12 May, 2006 00:19

Thank you for your reply. Doing what I think makes sense has lead me to many disasters. So its good to have an opinion based on experience. Thanks Greg

good idea

Postby » Thu 18 May, 2006 11:47

it's a good idea to put some sand under the rectangle pools. Some of our customers just do it like this, if you the bottom is very hard when you swimming.

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