DE Backflush problem(s)

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DE Backflush problem(s)

Postby Mattisapal » Mon 11 Aug, 2008 18:15

Hi Everyone,

I have a Hayward DE filter and separation tank controlled via multiport valve. (I don’t have model numbers handy). All grids were replaced last summer, and after spring cleaning and inspection this year are in great shape. The manifold is not cracked, and all grids are properly seated. Normal filtration works perfectly. The problem is when I have to backflush the filter. Starting just this year, most of the debris from the filter collects in the separation tank bag, but increasing amounts of algae and other stuff are blowing past the bag and back into the pool. I am careful to monitor the pressure and not let it get beyond safe limits. Obviously my first thought was to check the separation bag, and it appears to be in fine shape except for the rubber seal on the bottom of the bag. It is starting to pull away from the plastic frame, and is only about 75% attached to the plastic frame of the bag. I don’t know exactly how the water flows through the circuit when using the tank, but I wonder if this seal could be the cause of my problem. Has anyone else had this problem, and could this be a simple fix? Are there any other things I should check for wear? The rubber O ring for the canopy appears fine, and nothing inside the separation tank looks loose or otherwise broken. Thanks in advance!


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